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Crack Sealing



Asphalt Cracks for many reasons. The main cause is lack of flexibility due to the loss of natural oils in the asphalt. Natural oils bedded in the asphalt are brought to the surface from UV rays,  the oils are then washed away from weathering. This continuous process takes the natural flexibility characteristics out of the asphalt causing it to become brittle therefore creating cracks when the asphalt attempts to expand and contract with temperature. Cracks are created as stress joints in asphalt that has lost its flexibility.

Lack of a sufficient rock base layer prior to the asphalt, as well as tree roots, heavy traffic, a saturated base layer and weathering can also contribute to cracking asphalt. Once a crack has been created in the asphalt, it will continue to grow and deteriorate the surrounding asphalt area allowing moisture to penetrate the pavement.

Cracks should be cleaned and sealed as soon as possible with a flexible hot pour rubberized type sealant. Because a crack is a stress joint for the asphalt, the cracks sealant will take on that stress and need to be maintained in order to prevent excelled deterioration of the asphalt.

Once cracks have been cleaned and sealed with a hot pour rubberized asphalt it is recommended that the asphalt be sealed to help prevent further moisture from penetrating the pavement and to seal in any natural oils keeping the asphalt as flexible as possible to prevent further cracking.

C.R Contracting provides a variety of crack sealing products manufactured by Crafco. Many of these products are used by City, State and Federal departments on major highways and roads. The product that is best fit for you will depend on a number of factors. The crack size, location, and your budget will play a role in determining what sealant is right for you. Please contact us to discus more on your situation and the products available for you.

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