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Pavement Rejuvenation


GSB is a very strong binder and was studied and shown by the Army Corp of Engineers to be four times more effective in holding a pavement’s surface together than the leading saturate oil rejuvenator.

Irreversible damage such as pavement graveling and surface degradation is the result of failing to preserve and maintain your investment in asphalt. GSB-88 is a chemically-engineered asphalt pavement sealant designed to penetrate the asphalt matrix and replenish the vital oils and binders lost due to oxidation and aging.

GSB (Gilsonite Sealer Binder) Rejuvenating Sealant Binder is a low cost method to keep pavements in excellent condition longer. GSB helps to slow down the oxidation/deterioration process of your roads.

The product provides a durable , yet flexible top coat with a long-lasting anti-oxidative seal. GSB-88 beautifies your pavement by drying to an absolute black. Affordably priced, GSB-88 is your “common sense” maintenance sealant for higher traffic pavements.

When to Treat:

  • If friction index is greater than 50.
  • Last surface treatment (i.e.: asphalt overlay, chip-seal, slurry seal) is less than 2 years old or in overall sound condition.
  • Last Rejuvenation of GSB-88 application is more than 4 years old.
  • Application can significantly prolong the life of the pavement.
  • GSB-88 does not fall into the typical rejuvenator application. GSB-88 is a preventative maintenance product that should be used to protect and save a sound pavement from deterioration. It is not meant to be a corrective system for a failed or failing road.It can, however, be used as a stopgap method to keep a pavement from getting worse.

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