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Sealcoating is a material that  must be properly prepared and applied in order to assure optimal performance. This means contractor selection is critical to making sure you get all the benefits you deserve. C.R. Contracting is your best source for the skill, experience, and service required to protect your investment in asphalt.

Why Uncoated Asphalt Degrades

Asphalt pavement is a mixture of tone aggregate, mineral fillers, and asphaltic binder. It has the ability to take great loads then flex back to its original position, providing the smooth ride and durability we’re familiar with in an asphalt surface.

However, the primary molecular structure of asphalt is what is known as an “open chain” structure. This structure provides unintended access to the weather, UV radiation, salts, and chemicals which come into contact with pavement. Oils and gasoline also combine with it to break it down causing the asphalt to lose its flexibility and cohesiveness.

                                 unsealed                              sealed & striped

How Sealcoating Protects Pavement
Asphalt emulsion sealcoatings are a blend of emulsion, specialty chemicals, fillers, and pigments. Practically odorless and non-irritating, Emulsion sealcoating is not only easy to use, but safe for applications such as school properties and restaurants. Sealcoating functions in the same way as any protective coating. It puts a barrier between the degradants and the product. It seals out the problems and seals in asphalt’s natural flexibility and performance.

Regular Maintenance is Key
To provide the most protection, sealcoating should be applied early and regularly – even on new pavement. Depending on environmental and traffic conditions, pavement maintenance professionals recommend that sealcoating be applied every three years.

Saving Money with Sealcoating
The cost of sealcoating is significantly less than replacing asphalt. In-fact, according to an article in Pavement Magazine, regularly maintained sealcoated pavements offer a whopping 65% cost saving over unsealed pavements. During a 15-year period, that can add up to as much as $127,000 for a 10,000 square foot pavement.




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